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Gym Membership ID Cards

Gym Membership Cards

Gym MembershipCreate great looking full-color gym, health club and YMCA membership cards with an ID card printer system from RACO Card Solutions. Whether you are simply looking for basic access control cards featuring a club logo, member name and photograph, or if you are looking to upgrade to a more advanced system integrated with multiple locations, our team of ID card printer product specialists are here to help you with any size gym membership system project.

For basic gym access control, most facilities distribute membership cards that include a bar code or magnetic strip on the back or front of the card. This feature allows the card to be integrated into any backend electronic access system and all of our entry level printers offer this functionality. Our technical support team can also help you connect the card design software to any new or existing member database. We can also design a system that allows members to access additional club goods and services from the same card. Gym Membership Card Sample
Gym Fob

Gym MembershipIn addition to providing security and access control for your gym or health club, ID cards are great for advertising and brand promotion. A popular variant of the classic gym membership ID card is the key fob or key tag. This is a compact plastic card that loops through a member’s key ring. Members enjoy the convenience of this form factor and gym owners like the fact that their gym’s name and logo can be seen by others anytime the member uses his or her keys in public. RACO Card also offers smart card and RFID enabled solutions that allows for contactless technology so no swiping or bar code scanning is required at the club entrance. Use of a key tag with embedded RFID would allow a gym member to simply move his or her keys near an access reader rather than handing an entire set of keys to a staff member to be swiped or scanned. This technology can greatly improve the efficiency of your facility’s check-in process.

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